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Blessed Abacus Ltd

Chartered Accountants

know your business

Our fixed fee business Annual Accounts + Tax packages include the following services:

  • Annual financial statements​

  • GST returns

  • Business income tax

  • Owners' personal income tax (free for up to 2 owners)​

Blessed Abacus is a partner of Xero accounting software.

Xero is online accounting software for your small business. We recommend Xero to our clients because we absolutely believe Xero makes their lives easier, improves their business and is of great value.

​We Are Proudly Members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Chartered Accountants are experts up-to-date on the latest business issues and committed to ongoing professional education.

Hiring (or engaging) a Chartered Accountant is a smart investment and your assurance of quality and expertise.


We'll teach you how to operate bank accounts, run payroll, and keep accurate records.

Business Startup Services

Tax Planning

We'll plan for your taxes before your business is off the ground.

Business Startup

We help you plan and incorporate your business and ensure your new business getting things right at the very beginning.

Business Advice

We’re there for you when you need a fresh set of eyes to uncover hidden potential or shed light on problem areas.

Chartered Accountants Australia + NZ
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Annual Accounts + Tax Service Packages

We Are a Partner of Xero Accounting Software


We'll help you apply for company and tax registration.

Company Structure

We'll help you decide what the best organisation structure is for you.

Blessed Abacus is here to help you and your business.

Our goals are simple: we want to give small businesses the same insight typically available only to big businesses. And we think you shouldn't have to pay an arm and leg for it.

Welcome to Blessed Abacus

Accounting + Tax

We are qualified and up-to-date on all of the newest information, laws, regulations, and techniques in our field.

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